Alté Kamí

Creative Muse & Emotional Doula

Our bodies and homes are Divine masterpieces,
born to be adorned with Beauty & Love.

My works of art are brought forth
to offer deep healing to ALL,

by empowering us to reveal our
Inner Love & Beauty in our daily lives.


I was born and raised in the Midwest. I often found myself pulled to explore everything around me, and then some! Life has taken me on several journeys across the US, and just once across the globe. I enjoyed each coast, and landed myself back in the heart of the US.

My exploration involved more than external scenery, many of my travels pushed me to grow in ways I never could have imagined. Being a mother of two little girls drove me to contemplate my core values in life. I decided to start focusing on self-care and joy.

Art has given me the opportunity to explore myself internally, and release energy blockages that caused chaos and drama, opinions and attitudes, that have been locked in my body for years. Intuitive dance has enabled me to release every day stress and situational energetic surplus. Singing from my soul is how I grant myself freedom to be as I am.

The art I create, be it dance, song, a painting, or jewelry, is inspired by an internal impulse that I cannot ignore. When I try to avoid this impulse, my life does not flow, and chaos ensues. I have had to accept my own forgiveness, my own abundance, and realze that all of my talents, from molecular biology to energy healing, have made me the beautiful person I am today.

Alté Kamí

Art & Dance

I create:
* Wire-woven fine jewelry art
* Acrylic paintings &
* Paper-based mixed media

I perform & host:
* Intuitive dances
* Divine Feminine workshops



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Light & Love,
Alté Kamí